MSI Global Alliance

MSI Global Alliance

MSI Taylor are the Brisbane Accountants with MSI Global Alliance
MSI Global Alliance is an international group of independent firms, with
over 250 members in 100 countries.

Our membership of MSI gives us the power to quickly source reliable local expertise wherever our clients are doing business. Member firms are carefully vetted and approved. As a result, we can deliver quality results anywhere in the world.


MSI Global Alliance

MSI Global Alliance was formed in 1990 in response to the growing need for cross-border cooperation between independent professional service firms. MSI has steadily grown to become a leading international alliance with over 250 independent member firms in 105 countries throughout the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa. 

Jeremy Beard who is a Director of the MSI Global Alliance speaks about the advantages of the MSI Global Alliance

A Real Alternative for Australia and New Zealand

In Australia and New Zealand, the MSI membership comprises seven legal and seven accounting firms located in the key business centres of Adelaide, Auckland, Brisbane, Christchurch, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.  Watch the video below to find out more about why we are such a successful and cohesive regional group.

What makes MSI Australia and New Zealand different and why:

MSI is different to the large international professional firms due to our unique multidisciplinary approach - which brings together the business and advisory skills of both legal and accounting firms into the same association. This ensures that today’s growing companies, wherever in the world they may be, benefit from seamless access to the interrelated expertise of accountants, auditors, lawyers, tax advisors and other specialist professionals.

Made up of mid-sized independent local firms, our membership in Australia and New Zealand offers strong local knowledge without the high overhead costs associated with the large international firms, resulting in a high degree of comparative value. 

Our clients:

Serving small, medium and large organisations, the our membership in Australia and New Zealand looks after both the local, national and international needs of clients. In addition, as mid-size firms, our members provide an effective service to successful organisations looking to international expansion for the first time – either on an in-bound or out-bound basis.

Michael Purcell of MSI Taylor Business Services in Brisbane talks about the value of the MSI Global Alliance from a client's perspective.


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MSI - Australia and New Zealand

Below is a listing of Australia & New Zealand legal and accounting member firms affiliated with MSI Global Alliance (MSI), one of the world's leading international associations of
independent professional firms.

In Australia and New Zealand, MSI brings together 14 leading independent legal and accounting firms that provide specialist services to local and overseas businesses. Below is a listing to assist you to locate MSI businesses in your region.


Australia – Lawyers

Adelaide – South Australia
Johnston Withers
Tel: +61 8 8231 1110

Brisbane – Queensland
Tucker & Cowen
Tel: +61 7 300 300 00

Melbourne – Victoria 
Aitken Partners 
Tel: +61 3 8600 6000

Perth – Western Australia
Taylor Smart
Tel: +61 8 9325 8266

Sydney – New South Wales
Patterson Houen & Commins
Tel: +61 2 9954 0000

Sydney – New South Wales
Makinson & d’Apice
Tel: +61 2 9233 7788


Australia – Accountants

Adelaide – South Australia
Altitude Advisory
Tel: +61 8 8172 1444

Brisbane – Queensland
MSI Taylor
Tel: +61 7 3512 8888

Melbourne – Victoria
MSI Ragg Weir
Tel: +61 3 9819 4011

Perth – Western Australia
MSI Marsdens
Tel: +61 8 9382 3244

Sydney – New South Wales
Thomas Davis & Co
Tel: +61 2 9232 1188

New Zealand – Lawyers

Auckland – North Island
Keegan Alexander
Tel: +64 9 303 1829


New Zealand – Accountants

Auckland – North Island
Hudson Kasper
Tel: +64 9 263 4640

Christchurch – South Island
Mackay Bailey
Tel: +64 3 341 0930